About Us

Our Mission

Center of Social Education and Activity Foundation (CEAS Foundation)

Supporting children and teenagers’ development is the prime issue for CEAS Foundation. As well as integrating and activating local communities.

Realising our Mission we:

  • stand up for Family;
  • invest in children and teenagers;
  • activate local community;
  • support local partnerships.


Our Team

Zofia Gajewska

First and foremost she’s a mum and a wife. She believes that because of her Family it is possible for her to realize her dreams and passions. Zofia lives her Life to the fullest and she’s grateful for all the opportunities she has been given so far.

She’s a psychologist, a facilitator and a great fan of mediations. Working in a group is full of adrenaline – and she loves it. Stirring the local community to action is a prime matter for her.

She coordinates the project „People for Animals, Animals for People” and she deals with all the current matters.


Anna Barejko

Teaching is her job and passion. She believes that school for a six-year old child should be a privilage, not a duty. Wise educating is the best thing one can give to children and together we can do more – these are the two basic premises for Anna. Moreover, she’s hard-working and not affraid of admitting that she doesn’t know something, and then looking for the knowledge.

Anna relax by reading a good book or by needlework and making origami.