Our Ponurzyca

Ponurzyca is a small village placed 40 kms from Warsaw. So near to the city, yet so removed….

First and foremost, Ponurzyca is the place where one can find nature in its purest form. Very silent, calm and relaxing – it’s the place where many people found their last resort. The local community integrates the so called ‚old locals’ – so the memebers of the families with long traditions connected to this place, and newcommers – who came here at the weekend to simply go for a walk and being charmed by this area decided to stay for good.

Ponurzyca is placed in the Mazovian Landscape Park and is known as a Nature Sanctuary. When you take a walk early in the morning, don’t be surprised if you’ll meet on your way wild animals such as does, boars or even moose! The richness of the flora and fauna here always surprises, especially that the village is placed so near Warsaw – the biggest city in Poland.

All you have to do is to take a train from a centre of the city and after an hour you’ll find yourself in this charming area. So fieel invited!