Łączy nas idea taka – dach nad głową ponuraka

This projects took place one year ago (2014). It was an initiative of the Foundation of West Bank WBK, which organised a competition for such a foundations as ours. We decided to take part in it. Our goal is to raise money needed to renovate the roof of the building of our old school. This place is very significant for the whole local community – it symbolizes the unity and tradition of the local people. However, as the time passed, the building started to fall apart and there were no money for fixing it.

This comeptition gives us a great opportunity to raise them, renovate the school and finally, to give back the local community their place of peace and unity.

We believe that we’ll manage to find the financial support for this project. We’re looking for it.

People for Animals, Animals for People

We started this project this September, together with teenagers of the local school. Our aim is to help animals e.g. in local kennel, and on more general level, to share with the local community the idea of animal-care. With this project we took part in competition of the program Równać Szanse 2014. And we’ve won! Now, we have enough financial support for realising this project.

You can find us together with our Kids:


Summing Up the Summer

On 28th of September we organised a local event in our old school. We wanted to sum up the Summer 2014 in Foundation – our actions, projects and discuss with the local community next goals. We also wanted to thank the locals for their support and commitment.


Ponurzyca Traces

Ponurzyca Traces is the next project (06.- 10. 2014) co-funding as part of Civil Initiative Fund. It was organised for and with the help of the local people.

Its Aim was to:

care for local heritage
integrate local community
support local community

This project gave us the possibility to show Ponurzyca through various actions, such as photography worlshops, competitions, editing local chronicle.


Playful Ponurzyca

It has all started with the initiative of a group of local mums who were worried that their children don’t have any safe place in Ponurzyca or in neighbourhood to play and have fun. Our Foundation took part in a competition organised by Foundation Aviva!. Our goal was to be financially be able to built a local playground – a space for the youngest generation and their care-takers. Thanks to support of local people, friends and media we won and our dream came true.

Now children can have fun and use the playground which stands next to our old school – the sacred place for the locals.